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6 Pool Landscaping Ideas: Unique Ways To Surround Your Pool

Since summer is here, now is the perfect time to start thinking about pool upgrades. Whether you’re lounging in the heat or swimming for sport, your pool design should work for you. Soak up the sun in style with these six pool landscaping ideas in Charlotte and discover unique ways to surround your pool.

Get Comfy With Seating

Comfort is king when it comes to pool design. Surround your pool with cozy seating so you and your company can relax in luxury. You can even install a fire pit around your pool for some extra warmth and ambiance, creating the ultimate poolside seating layout.

Go Green With Plants

Nature has a way of evoking tranquil feelings in all of us. Softcaping with plush grasses and lush flowers will make your pool look like part of a tropical jungle. You can go big with trees and wide-leafed plants for some added privacy or keep things small with a beautiful poolside garden.

Create Height With Terraces

If you want your pool to make a splash, opt for a more dynamic landscaping design. Building a lifted terrace around your pool from eye-catching materials will help you separate the wet and dry areas. Now, you can grill, lounge, and party around your pool without worrying about getting soaked.

Embrace Luxury With a Waterfall

Do you want your pool to feel like a luxury spa? If so, design and install a cascading waterfall as a unique way to surround your pool. This pool landscaping idea will have you feeling like you’re relaxing at a high-end resort. The best part is that waterfalls are totally customizable, so you can go as simple or as elaborate as you want.

Be Creative With Decorative Walls

Fences are boring and don’t always provide the amount of privacy we need. Build decorative walls around your pool to show off your creativity. Go sleek and modern with white walls to bring out the water’s natural tones, or be bold with vibrant colors and cool textures to channel your inner artist.

Be Versatile With Your Deck

It’s easy to create a two-in-one project by combining your pool with your deck or paver patio. Composite decks are water-resistant and sturdy, making them the perfect structures to surround your pool. Contractors install container pools directly into your patio so that you can enjoy all of your backyard features from the comfort of your own deck.

These pool surrounding ideas will help you prepare for an awesome summer. Contact Stewart’s Landscaping for all of your poolside and landscaping needs. Whether it’s custom luxury pools or standalone water features, we can’t wait to help you upgrade your outdoor space!